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 I started my music journey at age 14. I was an autodidact and used an encyclopedia to learn music; I have composed over 220 piano and 30 orchestral works. Also, several Rhapsodies and Strings Concertos and for cello and guitar suites. The compositions that I am most proud of are my four Piano Concertos. Also, a veteran and I were deployed to the middle east several times. I am currently working on Opus.159, which is my first Violin concerto. And Opus 161 Piano Concerto No.5 in B Major. Now, I am a student At Full Sail University and enjoy going there so much that I will do my master's when I finish this program. I am Also A Video game Sounds Designer and a student at Full Sail University.

Portfolio II: Bio


In the Mind of the Sound Designer and Composer

In the past months, I have been a sound designer for video games, which is the best thing I have ever worked with outside of my military jobs. In Portfolio II Sound Design, I have two projects in the month. I share those below.

The Graveyard project was terrific to work with, with many challenges, but I think I did great on it. I implemented sounds for the video game and worked with Wwise to add the sound correctly to the game.

The sci-fi facility level was my favorite, and it went smoothly after I practiced with the graveyard project. I have to work the close and open doors a lot of time in my mind. What is happening is that the reactor is losing pressure, so when the doors close, you can hear the tac,tac, tac, which means it is losing hydraulic pressure. Also, I implemented all other sounds. 

Featured Videos

SCI-FI Alarm Design showed the entire process I use to create the alarm sounds.

Demo Reel: I show in this video the two video games that I sound designed and implemented this month.

Portfolio II: Bio
Portfolio II: Videos


Mississippi USA


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